Elemental grind game auto spin

elemental grind game auto spin

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Blox Fruits Best Fruits – Devil Fruit Tier List – From Link and Samus Aran to Mega Man and Bowser, Nintendo’s 8-bit machine was the debut platform for countless classic heroes and villains that are still active in the industry today.You’ll be making impossible leaps inside a hollowed-out planet and then fall into a black hole that drops you into the vacuum of space—just you and the void.Also Yoshimitsu is an alien, I guess? Steven: FF14 takes so much of what is good about WoW and couples it with an emotionally-charged story, gorgeous visuals, and some of the best goddamn music ever scored for a game.Nat: Every weekend, for the past year, I’ve been jumping on for a bout of Halo 3 multiplayer like it was all over again.

Black Mesa deftly reimagines Valve’s debut, trimming the more tedious parts of Half-Life while remaking Xen Half-Life’s notoriously flawed final chapters from the ground up.

I wouldn’t say it replaces the seminal shooter outright, but it’s a damn fine way to experience it from a brand new angle.Wes: A factory building game so perfectly named I defy anyone to talk about it without using the word “satisfying.My first ‘factory’ was a messy series of conveyor belts on a forest floor that was ugly and inefficient, so I tore it down and rebuilt.

And again.My multiplayer crew is now building towering skyscraper factories linked by automated sky trains.Some people lose a year building castles in Minecraft; I lost one building iron rods in Satisfactory, and I don’t regret a second of it.Phil: Build rockets and send them into space.

Or, just as likely, fail to send them into space because of a disastrous flaw with your design.Kerbal Space Program takes all of the complicated maths needed to successfully hurl functional machines out of a planet’s atmosphere and presents them in a way that celebrates creativity, expression and fun.

There’s still nothing quite like Kerbal.Dave: The rescue missions Kerbal’s ‘career mode’ spits up are some of the greatest space-based experiences you can have on a PC.

Forget Elite: Dangerous, forget Homeworld, forget the Outer Wilds, when you’ve got Kerbward Woodward stranded, orbiting a distant planet with vast amounts of precious ‘science’ accumulated from a daring mission to Duna you’ve just got to figure out a way to get him home safe.

Especially because it’s your fault for him being stuck way out there because you forgot to add a few solar extra solar cells back in the lab.From creating the rescue craft, intercepting the stranded craft, and finally getting everyone home safe… there are few more satisfying feelings in PC gaming.

Evan: Depth, literally and figuratively.Creator Derek Yu calls it “spiky”, a label that describes many of the things you can impale yourself upon as well as the emotional highs and lows that its teeming, subterranean lunar universe produces in players.A great spectator game, Spelunky 2’s streaming and YouTube community is another dimension of experimentation and unbelievable feats.

Family gatherings, drunken parties, or lunchtime in the office—it does it all.Morgan: Party Pack 7 is a particular banger, too.Champ’d up did the impossible task of surpassing the best ever Jackbox game before it: Tee KO.Jackbox is a great way to get the party started or serve as a fun, accessible time when you’re not quite ready for the night to end.

I can’t even begin to count how many in-jokes between me and my pals have been born as a result of Jackbox.Rich: A triumphant reimagining of Capcom’s already-excellent series that looks gorgeous and delivers some of the best co-op times you’ll ever have.Incredible combat with huge depth, spectacular monsters and environments, and there’s so much of it.You never want this game to end, and it feels like it never does.Wes: expansion Iceborne adds an endgame zone you can spend months in and a vastly streamlined gathering hub for multiplayer.

It’s everything I didn’t know I needed in the base game.Mollie: Monster Hunter: World has been winding down for a while, with the final content update releasing in October last year and the release of Rise on the Nintendo Switch not too long ago.I’m basically waiting for that to hit PC now, but Monster Hunter: World will still remain an excellent game.

It really nailed the balance between the series’ traditionally tough gameplay while being super friendly to newcomers.Also, the hunting horn absolutely whips.

Doot bro for life.Chris: One of the few blockbuster games built from the ground up for VR, and certainly the best and most beautiful.Whatever Valve did under the hood with the game’s locomotion, it’s easily the most comfortable VR game, one that I could play for hours at a time without feeling the nausea or headaches VR usually gives me after about 40 minutes.Plus, it cleverly rewrote some Half-Life lore that’s been in the books for a decade, priming us for whatever comes next.

Dave: Easily the best VR game ever made.It’s also one of the finest Half-Life games too, and damn, is it ever creepy.Stalking through broken down infested zones of City 17 to avoid the zombies, or bursting out into the streets for a firefight with the Combine, Alyx is an absolute must for Half-Life fans.

And, oh my god, those liquid physics.I could spend hours just shaking vodka bottles.Rachel: First released back in February , Devotion was available on Steam for only six days before it was hit with its infamous review-bombing controversy.

Determined to re-release the game, Red Candle put it back up for sale this year, letting players finally experience its superb suburban horror.Sharing many similarities to Konami’s claustrophobic house in PT, Devotion is a story about a family living in a small s apartment in Taiwan, each member having their own personal demons dragged out into the house’s stark fluorescent lighting.

Everything kicks off after the daughter contracts a mysterious illness, which causes the desperate father to tumble into a spiral of paranoia and misplaced spiritualism.What’s great about Devotion is that there are no literal monsters, the game is more interested in how the troubled headspaces of a family can seep into the physical space of a home.

It’s not often we get to see the exploration of a person’s religious faith and seeing how Red Candle has used that to create an insidious story of family tragedy is like no other horror game I’ve played.It’s a horror tale that actually cares about its characters, and together with artful sequences and spine-chilling moments, it’s truly one of the best horror stories of all time.

A game that was well worth the wait.James: Resident Evil Village is so much more than the tall vampire woman.I mean, Lady Dimitrescu certainly makes a lasting impression, but she’s just one chapter of this excellent cosmic horror anthology.This is Resident Evil doing its best A24 horror impression, moving from a frozen village overrun with lycans, through a classic game of cat and mouse in a lavish castle, and later arriving at color-drained industrial body horror—something like Hellraiser meets Saw.

Village goes from goofy action to the scariest setpieces in the series’ history, embracing everything I identify with Resident Evil: locked doors, ridiculous keys, and goofy characters.This is Resident Evil at its most self aware, at its scariest, and its most surprising.

Alan: The latest Resident Evil has some great stand-out moments, with a giddy number of villains and game genres checked off as you explore its chilling environs.The highlight for me was hiding beneath a bed bereft of weapons while an oversized nightmare wailed horribly while searching for our hero.It’s got to be one of its most chilling moments it has to offer—I don’t think I’ve completed a level so quickly in my life.

Jacob: Resident Evil Village isn’t afraid to hand you a big gun and lots of ammo.Sure, there are moments that make you want to throw your mouse in the bin and never come back to your PC, but most of the time it’s an extremely well-paced and entertaining gore flick.Mollie: I have a lot of love for The Sims 4.It had a rocky launch and issues that still persist years later, but it’s the first game I boot up whenever I get that creative itch.

The build mode is genuinely fantastic, and I feel like Maxis is finally getting the hang of making consistently excellent expansion packs.The gameplay is still a little vapid compared to earlier entries, but it’s a hell of a lot better than it used to be.

The biggest bummer, and the reason for its steep drop this year, is how high the financial barrier to entry has become.The base game is painfully barren, with simple additions like seasons and pets essentially locked behind paywalls.You could buy a lot of games in the Top for the same price as a complete Sims 4 collection, and that makes it harder to recommend.Totally agree with Mollie, that financial barrier is bullshit and it drags down The Sims’ placement on our list.

Fraser: Now I can capture sims and imprison them in a glass cell as a vampire.The Sims 4 has really changed the way I kidnap my neighbours.Jorge: Hades is a gorgeous and stylish hack-and-slash roguelike featuring some of the best writing, voice acting, and music around.As Zagreus, the Prince of the Underworld, you try to escape to the land of the living to meet your mother.Meanwhile, your father, Hades, is doing everything in his power to keep you from her.

While the combat for Hades is challenging, fun, and easy to wrap your head around, you’ll spend a lot of your time chit-chatting with the denizens of the underworld, building relationships, and learning more about yourself and your dysfunctional even for Greek gods family.Hades is a game where you tell yourself, “Ok, this is the last run, then I’m going to bed,” and before you know it, you’re up at 4 am for the third night in a row and calling in sick from work.

Fraser: One of my favourite tactics games of all time, BattleTech is an exciting romp through a galaxy full of intrigue, ambitious nobles and giant mechs.There’s a good campaign tying all the fights together, but brawling with steel monstrosities is what keeps the grin on my face.You can build your mech dream team—axe-wielding behemoths with jetpacks, gargantuan mobile weapon platforms, precious wee scouts—and then fling them into tricky battles where you have to worry about heat, terrain and limbs getting blown off.

To the victor goes the scrap.Nat: BattleTech understands that the best mech fiction fundamentally treats mechs as terrible things.The story has an air of beautiful tragedy, feudal states clashing and backstabbing each other over a handful of stars in the arse end of the galaxy.It’s a tone that bleeds into every mission, making your clutch plays feel all the more desperate, every hard-fought victory all the sweeter.It’s just so much more accessible, without sacrificing any of the crazy high-level teamplay, and its emphasis on skilful solo play makes for ridiculously exciting moments where a single player can swing the game in their favor.

It’s also fun being a part of a cinematic universe with Legends of Runeterra and Teamfight Tactics.Rich: I still play Counter-Strike on a weekly basis and, even when the likes of Siege or Valorant have tempted me away for a time, I always come back.

Where the competition is full of gadgets and powers and classes, CS: GO’s absolute purity and dedication to a core that works so well it remains irresistible.And while I’ve heard some awful stuff on team chat, I’ve also made a lot of good buddies over the years: when you have a little ‘crew’ that’s on regularly, this game goes to another level.Evan: It’s the most popular FPS in the world, an almost decade-old giant that stands on the shoulder of arguably the most successful mod of all time sorry, DOTA.

It’s one of my most-played games ever.But in , it’s aging.Is it really the shooter I’d recommend to someone first right now? No way.Recent experiments like adding a battle royale mode have only revealed the greying tech that CS:GO sits upon.But as a veteran Source mapper, I have endless respect for the way it’s kept the torch of community map-making lit all these years.

Source may be dated, but Counter-Strike’s mappers are doing incredible things with it.Mollie: I don’t even know how to put into words what Nier: Automata is and why it’s so special, but I wish I could wipe my brain and experience it again for the first time.

A flawless soundtrack, satisfying combat and heart-wrenching story permeates every second of this game.It hasn’t always run the best on PC, but a brand-new fix makes this the perfect time to dive in.Steven: I finally beat Automata for the first time this year and damn, I’m so glad I did.There’s just nothing like it.

And while I’d love for us to also make room for Nier: Replicant, its prequel, on this list, I’d encourage anyone who loved Automata to go back and play it.It’s arguably even more emotionally compromising.Fraser: I wish there were more endings so I’d have an excuse to play Nier: Automata all over again.Wes: The original Nier had such great characters and quirky diversions it turns into a text adventure for a bit at one point that it was worth playing despite some really mundane combat.Automata fixed that problem and feels like it fully explores the ideas Yoko Taro didn’t have the time or budget to explore in his previous games.

It’s a game we’ll still be talking about in 20 years.Rachel: Although it’s fallen a little on our list, Return of the Obra Dinn is still one of the best detective games on PC.

Apart from Paradise Killer, another fantastic detective game that you will have passed to get here, no other game makes you work harder for answers and celebrates your victories like Obra Dinn does.The ghostly tale it spins of the disappearance of a single ship and its crew will chill you to the bone.It still gives me the heebie-jeebies.Phil: Possibly the most perfectly paced puzzle game around.As you explore, you’ll naturally stumble into hints that can recontextualise your thinking and send you down a rabbit hole of new revelations.

Chris: It does the best possible combination of things.It makes you look around and think “There is no way in hell I’ll ever be able to solve this” and then a little while later leaves you saying “I’ve solved this and I’m a genius.

Rich: I could honestly argue for this being number one, it’s simply stunning.Play it! Rachel: There have been some amazing story-led games released in the last year, which means that our old friend Kentucky Route Zero has dropped a considerable amount.Its highway adventure is still the most evocative and aetherial story on this list, full of magical-realist tales of rural America and its struggles.

I’ll never forget listening to a chorus of ghostly voices inside a mineshaft belonging to those who had lost their lives in a rockslide.It’s both haunting and beautiful.Nat: I didn’t follow KRZ along its ten-year journey, instead playing the whole thing with my partner across a few nights last winter.A powerful, sombre, singular thing, and one of the two games to ever leave me in tears at my keyboard.

Fraser: I’ve been waiting a long time for a historical 4X game that can give Civilization a run for its money, and here it is.Mohawk Games has taken all the best parts of the venerable series, but focused on antiquity rather than all of human history.

Every turn represents a year, which allows Old World to take a more intimate approach, exploring characters instead of just empires.There are plenty of innovations, like an Order system that teaches you to prioritise what actions you want to take that turn, but it’s definitely the Crusader Kings-style characters and abundance of narrative events that feel like the most important addition.

Leaders age and die, get married, have children, plot against rivals, and you’ve got a whole court of people to worry about.It’s Civ reimagined as a life sim and RPG.Evan: As you said, the lineage system adds a layer of passive storytelling that I didn’t know I wanted in a 4X.

Very interested to see how the next Civ responds to Old World.Jody: There’s an argument that the real defining feature of RPGs is the areas between fights where you just talk to people, and Planescape’s Sigil—a city on the inner surface of a ring with magic doors that connects it to multiple dimensions—is one of the best.There’s a guy who’s been on fire so long everyone’s used to it and he’s become a local bar’s mascot, a zombie called The Post whose body is used as a billboard, a hivemind of several thousand psychic rats, and a part-demon thief voiced by Sheena Easton.

The combat isn’t great, but there’s not much of it and way more multidimensional weirdos worth meeting.Steven: I’d recommend Planescape as a kind of dessert to anyone who played and loved Disco Elysium.

They share so much DNA in their approach to character development and world building, and the agency they give to express yourself not just through dice rolls during combat.

I only played Planescape a few years ago, but some of its quests have wormed their way into my head—like a trip to a museum that collects every possible sensation a person could experience.One of the greatest adventures in games, set in a world realised with outstanding imagination, mingled with a deliberately vague and surprising multiplayer element that will still be delighting you on your fifth playthrough.

James: Dark Souls is challenging, yeah, but like a good coach.Take a breather, kid.Stretch out.Check yourself.Sleep on it.Come back when you’re feeling better.Just don’t give up.Tim: A mere four years into its life on PC, I did not expect to see Destiny 2 climbing this chart on the back of its storytelling.

Once rightly derided for hiding its rich lore in grimoire cards and armour flavour text, over the last year Destiny 2 has quietly reinvented how to create ongoing narrative in a live service game.

Using a combination of choreographed NPC conversations and the occasional cutscene, a soapy plot develops from week to week, complete with twists, heel turns, and Saturday morning cartoon cliffhangers.We’ve seen major characters killed off, big bads come and go or have they? Or in other words, Bungie has actually found a model that delivers on the game’s original promise all those E3s ago.

And it’s working: keeps players interested in what’s happening rather than just grinding for god roll weapons.It also helps that the mix of matchmade activities, exotic quests and hidden missions has been refined to the point that the variance in quality from season to season is way less wild than it used to be.

And if you’d rather not pay at all, there’s still an incredibly robust game here to play entirely for free, including endgame content such as the Vault of Glass raid.The only reason Destiny 2 isn’t even higher here is that the PVP side of the game has been neglected to the point of abandonment.

Phil: As a Destiny player, I spend a lot of time complaining about Destiny.But even I will admit that the game is in a good position at the moment.

After the disappointing Season of the Hunt, which launched alongside Beyond Light, subsequent seasons have been a triumph—helped along by a handful of showcase activities, from Presage to the returning Vault of Glass.As always, though, the promise of Destiny remains what it could be.Next year, alongside The Witch Queen expansion, we get weapon crafting and a guaranteed schedule for raids and dungeons.

It all sounds great, but the devil is in the details, and Destiny does have a habit of moving two steps back for every one forward.Robin: I think this is quietly the most exciting co-op shooter in years.Its use of procedural generation is nothing short of remarkable, churning out fresh, fascinating, and frequently beautiful levels every session.And working together to conquer those levels, using its arsenal of tools to build, dig, and demolish your way to success, is fantastically satisfying.

So many co-op games are just about being as efficient and deadly as possible, but Deep Rock feels like some kind of wonderful group project in the way it forces you to combine your creative powers and problem-solve as a team.One of its cleverest mechanics is the way it uses light.Managing light—through throwable flares and the scout class’ flare gun—is a vital part of your strategy, which feels truly unique.

Being the guy who makes sure everyone can see has become my favourite role in the game.James: Cruelty Squad is a monstrous immersive sim, a game held together with duck tape and bad vibes.As a gig economy assassin killing men that pose a threat to a higher order of immortal CEO gods in a hypersaturated mess of jagged polygons and screaming textures, it’s difficult to not feel bad.

But using my guts to grapple up to a sniper nest above the Cancer Megamall? This is a shit jawbreaker with a dense pleasure chemical core.Cruelty Squad isn’t cruel.

It’s just honest.Morgan: It’s an incredible premise with an equally mind-bending art style.Nothing about Cruelty Squad easily slots into other videogames don’t even get me started on how you reload.Even its menus have to be studied like fine art before you can parse which button means “play.Jacob: You might be wondering why Hunt: Showdown has only now made its way into our Top , many years after it first launched.

The reason being this PvEvP shooter has only gone from strength to strength in , incorporating steady updates, improvements, and, finally, an immeasurably entertaining new map.

Fundamentally, though, Hunt: Showdown is and always has been a wildly tactical shooter that captures a turn of the century shootout like no other.Seriously, you’ll be ducking behind boxes and barrels with bullets whizzing over head and lobbing dynamite into shacks in no time.

It also rewards good teamwork and strategy, so if you’ve got a couple friends to play with that’s absolutely the best way to experience the game.The idea of basing a competitive shooter around realistic 18th century guns is absurd for so many reasons, but Crytek pulled it off spectacularly.Hunt’s arsenal is so unique that I constantly want to switch up my playstyle to try something now.

In one match I’ll use the first ever pump action shotgun that loads from the top? Because Crytek is Crytek, Hunt’s attention to detail in map design, sound design, and combat balance is also extremely good.It’s a hard FPS to learn, but endlessly fun once you “get” it.

Rich: 2, hours on Steam probably says it all.I’ve literally spent days of my life playing this.OK some of that would have just been the game idling but… wow, guess I better rethink my life choices.

A perfect game and has been since launch: once the controls and rhythm get their hooks in, you’ll never look back.Put it on my grave: my name was Richard Stanton, and I drove a rocket car.Tyler: 1, hours here, much in competitive Snow Day, a mode that was originally added as a joke, more or less.

I think that if you can replace a ball with a hockey puck in your game and people go, “Ah, this is actually a way of life now,” you must have a fundamentally brilliant foundation.Mollie: Stardew Valley has always been a great game, but the recent 1.

Tons of late-game content and quality-of-life improvements has made owning a farm, marrying a reformed alcoholic and owning a small army of truffle-sniffing pigs better than ever.Robin: Co-op is such a great addition to the formula.Rachel: I just can’t get enough of Stardew Valley, especially when someone like ConcernedApe is behind it.

Not only do we get massive updates for free but he’s always so lovely of the community.Constantly supporting modders, using their own money as prize pools for tournaments, and personally hopping into players’ code when they have an issue.What a guy.Rich: Almost feels like the isometric strategy genre distilled down to its purest drops.

A game all about precision planning, the huge amounts of combinations you can wring out of apparently simple abilities, and quickfire playthroughs that always feel different.I don’t have much appetite for the grander turn-based strategy games anymore, purely because of time, and this is the perfect replacement.Evan: It’s surprisingly grim! Reminds me of Evangelion.This definitely isn’t the kind of mecha anime where everyone goes out for milkshakes after defeating the great evil.

FTL composer Ben Prunty’s score weeps for the dimensions left behind by the player as they fail or succeed.Narrativizing the endless loop of roguelikes is one of ITB’s fine touches.

Phil: Into the Breach gets a lot of mileage from an 8×8 grid.By showing you what your enemies are about to do each turn—and, more specifically, what they’re about to destroy—you’re challenged to unwork their plans, hopefully coming out the other end without too many losses.

It invokes such an authentic, specific sense of place with its slice of Japanese country life, simultaneously idyllic and isolating.Mollie: No JRPG has ever quite matched the energy Persona 4 Golden brings, and no game has ever led me to be so deeply attached to a ragtag group of teenagers and their terrifying bear mascot.

Morgan: Yea, Persona 5 has the style, but P4 has the heart.I haven’t played the game in nine years and I still can’t get that damn Junes song out of my head.Phil: Filled with intriguing mystery; offering questions like “What do these bizarre murders say about our society? Jody: Unlike other Total War games, the things I remember from Warhammer happened on the battlefield.

As mad-science ratmen I’ve killed an elf queen then dragged her corpse away under arrow-fire to experiment on it, and as vampire pirates I’ve summoned a ghost ship to drop on the proud warriors of Ulthuan.I did that as an undead opera singer named Cylostra Direfin, who pronounces her surname with a flourish, “dear-fah”, like a Warhammer version of Hyacinth Bucket.The fantasy setting makes Total War ridiculous, extravagant, extra.It’s great not just because I remember highlights from multiple campaigns, but because the gonzo factions make multiple campaigns worth playing.

The expansions and the way each game can be connected builds on that, meaning the best Total War keeps getting better.Fraser: I’m still convinced that Three Kingdoms is the stronger strategy game, but there’s no denying the seductive qualities of Warhammer.

Dragons and orcs are, admittedly, a bit more exciting than loads and loads of regular soldiers.Maybe this sounds like damning the game with faint praise, but Warhammer 2 really is amazing.There isn’t another with such great and experimental factions, and Creative Assembly has really worked some magic with its DLC additions, which are often accompanied by free game-changing tweaks.The gap between 2 and 3 has been a lot more substantial than the previous gap, but we’ve absolutely benefited from this, as the game has kept growing in the interim.

Robin: This is the game that makes me wish I clicked with Total War.Nat: Every weekend, for the past year, I’ve been jumping on for a bout of Halo 3 multiplayer like it was all over again.There’s never been a shooter quite like Halo, and after more than a decade away, Halo’s uniquely chaotic sandbox arenas still feels fresh as ever—whether that’s a tense slayer match on Blackout, or one of many absurd Forge maps folks are playing on the collection’s new server browser.

With the Master Chief Collection now on PC in its entirety, ‘s collection has proven itself more than just a fun throwback.It’s a love letter to FPS fans—letting you dive into more than a decade of Halo history within a single matchmaking playlist, or revisit Bungie’s truly stellar campaigns in both original and remastered forms.I may not be a fan of ‘s own additions, but you can’t deny the studio’s done a hell of a job bringing Master Chief back to PC.Wes: I want to thank whoever at brought back Halo 3’s Rocket Race playlist, a mode I sunk hours into more than a decade ago and still love with all my heart.

Beyond nostalgia, though, there’s good reason to be excited about the Master Chief Collection’s future.A custom game browser is still in development, and once it’s live, I expect classic Halo CTF to outlast the heat death of the universe.

Rich: Can’t believe this got ranked above Counter-Strike.Is it still too late to protest? Seriously though: who doesn’t love a bit of the Chief, and with MCC some of Bungie’s finest work is being kept alive in the way it should be.Evan: Folks, this is how you operate a multiplayer game.Siege gets four major updates a year like clockwork, adding new operators that often scramble the meta.Older maps get reworked and full-on redesigned.

New anti-toxicity measures, pinging, new secondary gadgets, attachments, and entirely overhauled operators have been implemented post-launch.A testament to good production practices, careful roadmapping, and the insane effort it takes to maintain a popular game.

Tyler: Lately, I’ve been enjoying opportunities to blow holes in soft walls in Favela, a map that jumped into my favorites list after it was reworked.One of the recently added operators has a bionic arm, too, so I can punch holes in walls if I want.What a gift.After all these years, I’m a little surprised that I’m not being made to think about walls, and how they might be improved with holes, in more games.

Mollie: I’ll level with you right now, I absolutely suck ass at Siege.I’ve never quite grappled with its learning curve, and my map and operator knowledge are practically non-existent.But when my poor friends put up with my shoddy skills, I have an unbelievable amount of fun.No other shooter feels quite so satisfying.I imagine it’s even better when you actually know what you’re doing.

Phil: Yakuza: Like a Dragon marks the series’ transition from arcade brawler to JRPG, and swaps out the stoic long-time lead Kiryu for an entirely new ex-Yakuza—an endearing goofball who can’t help but wear his heart on his sleeve.

It’s still everything you expect from a Yakuza game: a lengthy main story that’s filled with twists and turns, numerous sidequests that range from wacky to absolutely absurd, and a whole host of minigames that offer fun diversions to pursue as you explore the city.Its new JRPG combat isn’t just a gimmick, either.Not only is it fully woven into the story—and the personality of Ichiban and his growing party of loveable misfits—it also makes for a genuinely deep buildcrafting, with jobs, skills and hilarious summons.

Morgan: I haven’t finished Like a Dragon, but Ichiban is already one of my favorite game protagonists ever.Nat: Umurangi Generation is loud, raw, angry.An anti-colonial protest wrapped in Jet Set Radio and Evangelion, handing you a wonderfully tactile camera with which to capture the end of the world.Seriously—I want to take this battered old handheld into every game I’ve played since, a photo mode built directly into the player’s arsenal.

Umurangi doesn’t sport Hitman 3’s complex AI routines, but every level feels gritty and lived-in.Every candid snap of a stranger tells a story of some deadbeat dad, VR-addled waster or bloodied mech pilot trying to make their way through this deeply relatable apocalypse.See, Umurangi might take place in a world full of giant robots and squid-like Kaiju, but its tensions are our tensions.

Developed by Mauri artist Veselekov, Umurangi is scathing of the global response to the Australian wildfires Umurangi meaning “Red Sky” in Ves’ native tongue.An occupying force pulls your neighbours and friends up to fight their Kaiju war, and oppresses people with curfews and giant concrete walls.By the time you hit Macro, you’re exploring maps pulled straight out of ‘s headlines.Where other games fret over whether they’re seen as “political”, Umurangi embraces it—and is all the better for it.

And while the base game eases you into its dystopia, Macro knows you’re on board with its politics from the start and goes hell for leather from the get-go.James: Doom Eternal was already the most intense shooter ever made, but The Ancient Gods expansions complicate the swirling demon chessboard even further.There’s a demon you exorcise from other demons with the microwave beam.A huge hammer for turning a school of imps into paste.

You kill a couple gods, no biggie.Your mouse hand’s gonna be soaked.Steven: FF14 takes so much of what is good about WoW and couples it with an emotionally-charged story, gorgeous visuals, and some of the best goddamn music ever scored for a game.

But no, for real, Final Fantasy 14 absolutely rules.I’ve been on-and-off with the game since and I can safely say there’s no better time to get into it than right now.The story, the music, the fashion! There’s a little something for everyone.The community is also fantastic, and makes those quieter moments between defeating giant dragons or literal gods so heart-warming.

Nowhere else will you run into an impromptu concert of four dragon girls performing A Cruel Angel’s Thesis.Robin: I replayed this slick, atmospheric metroidvania only recently, and found myself utterly wowed all over again.Like its diminutive bug protagonist, it at first seems unassuming, but reveals greater and greater multitudes as you explore, its world unpeeling layers like a big, dark… onion.Phil: A remarkable exploration game in which you’ve got just 22 minutes to explore a small, handcrafted solar system full of questions.

At the end of your time, the sun blows up and you time-loop back to the start, with nothing except the information you’ve gleaned along the way.The way the solar system changes over the course of the loop encourages you to keep hold of certain discoveries in order to investigate more thoroughly on the next go around, making for a compelling mystery box that’s a joy to unpick.

Fraser: Time loop narratives often hide a bit of horror behind the whimsy and sci-fi shenanigans, and Outer Wilds is no different.You’ve got an adorable spaceship, quirky NPCs, and the promise of a great big adventure, but then there’s also the whole the-sun-is-about-to-be-destroyed problem.So you might be having a lovely time exploring this enigmatic star system, but the apocalypse is always waiting for you.

The dangers of space are not limited to the end of the loop, however, and Outer Wilds proves to be just as capable of more overt horror.You’ll be making impossible leaps inside a hollowed-out planet and then fall into a black hole that drops you into the vacuum of space—just you and the void.

Not for long, though, because you’ll soon be dead.And then you start over again.Maybe on your next run you’ll charge into the eye of a tornado.Or spend most of your time hiding from gargantuan, spaceship-eating fish.It throws wonder after wonder at you, but what’s stuck with me the most are my many, many deaths.And I’d happily die a dozen more times, because Outer Wilds is brilliant.

Rachel: Wildermyth has been one of this year’s biggest surprises, and there was no doubt within the PCG team it would be placed somewhere in the top It’s a fantasy adventure that manages to combine procedural stories spun from character-driven traits with procedurally generated events, the end result being a game with enough anecdotes you could write a book.

Decisions you make can dramatically affect the story, like if the rogue falls in love with the archer, if the warrior will ever fulfill her lifelong dream, whether characters die on the battlefield or retreat, losing a limb in the process.

Your heroes become bruised and scarred as the campaign progresses, reminders of mistakes you’ve made on the battlefield.Characters can have children who can then join the party, and you can even bring old retired characters back for a new campaign.

In this way, Wildermyth feels like you’re weaving a mythological tapestry of heroes and their stories, not just ticking off a campaign checklist.Depending on what difficulty you choose, the game will adjust its story for the tone, choosing a tougher, crueler campaign will be complemented with a darker story—it’s pretty incredible how the game can adapt like that.It’s as close as you can get to the feel of a homebrew tabletop RPG and that’s pretty special.

Fraser: The stories I could tell you.Maybe I should tell you about the two adventurers, one perpetually engulfed in flames, the other slowly transforming into a tree, who fell in love despite their massive differences.Then there was the young woman cursed by a sickness, who discovered a cure and instead used it to save another man’s life, inspiring him to pledge it to helping her adventuring party.The stories I could tell you about families, friendships, tragic deaths and heroic interventions.

But instead I’ll just tell you to play Wildermyth and make your own.Phil: Aside from being the best stealth game of the s, what makes Dishonored 2 remarkable is that, however you decide to approach its levels, it always has a response.

When I kill my target in the opening mission, I later hear his goons announce that he’s dead.On a second attempt, I kill him and hide his body in an area the guards can’t access—something the game never asks me to do.And yet it apparently knew I might try, because this time the goons announce that he’s missing instead.

It’s a small example, but later on this same attention to detail—this anticipation and extrapolation of the player’s agency—applies to some really big, dramatic moments.

I could praise the effortless traversal, exciting combat and flexible toolbox of Dishonored 2’s action—those things all elevate it above its predecessor.But it’s Arkane’s extreme dedication to the craft of immersion that make Dishonored 2 the studio’s best work.Fraser: Prey wishes it was as refined as Dishonored 2.

Sorry Morgan.Arkane never misses, but this one is still the studio’s greatest.Everyone talks about exploring a mechanical mansion or using time travel to solve puzzles, and they are incredible missions, but these high points are accompanied by less flashy jobs that are nonetheless products of flawless level design.

Every location feels like a work of art and science, with Dishonored’s striking aesthetic and tiny details elevating the brilliant mechanics and best-in-class stealth.And if stealth isn’t your bag, it’s just as compelling when you step out of the shadows and sow chaos with all of your fantastical powers.And a thriving mod scene continues to give it even more life—including the ever popular Long War, which turns the campaign into an even more brutal feat of endurance while cranking up the simulationist detail.

Come on Firaxis, get a move on—Chimera Squad was barely a snack to keep us going.Evan: Looks like we’ll have to settle for Midnight Suns for now, Robin, the upcoming Marvel game from Firaxis that seems a little different mechanically, but is sticking with XCOM’s art direction, among other aspects.

Wes: The best traditional computer RPG of the last decade, Divinity: Original Sin 2 earned developer Larian the opportunity to work on Baldur’s Gate 3, which should be out in full in Original Sin 2 remarkably manages to succeed on every axis as an RPG.

Its main quest is exciting and intricate, each of its premade heroes have unique stories worth experiencing, the world is crammed full of sidequests, and you can approach most problems however you want, including killing every NPC in the world like a complete psycho.Hell, if you played it in , play it again: Larian spent a couple years polishing and improving the game, particularly its rushed third act.It’s even better now.Fraser: The writing, systems and eccentric characters all make Original Sin 2 an all-time great RPG, but mostly what you’ll be doing is fighting.

Thank goodness, then, that the brawls are all amazing.You can fill the area with fire or poison, sprout wings to fly over obstacles, and try to come up with all sorts of combos and synergies to help you take out the opposition as skillfully or messily as possible.

Every confrontation is a new laboratory waiting for you to destroy with your experiments.Jacob: I must’ve put a hours into Divinity: Original Sin 2 and I still get the urge to go back and do it all again.If that doesn’t speak volumes for this epic RPG….Tyler: I’m disappointed that the mod scene never really took off.

The tools Larian released are powerful, but I found them confusing even for game engine tools and they crashed often, so I eventually gave up on making a little RPG campaign of my own.

It’s too bad, because Original Sin 2 seemed like a great foundation for modders.I’ll just have to settle for being happy with all the other parts of the game.Chris: There are no quests in Valheim, no characters, no main storyline.But every journey I take, whether it’s to fight a boss or reach a new continent or just to gather berries, feels like a bigger and bolder adventure than most AAA RPGs.

The open world is fascinatingly beautiful despite throwback visuals and the danger of the wilderness is offset by the cozy and comforting feel of coming home to my cheerly little wooden fort.Valheim cleverly plays with survival systems, too—food and cooking remain absolutely vital to survival, but you’ll never starve to death so gathering never feels like a joyless grind.And for an Early Access game, it never feels like anything is missing, just that more could be added.Morgan: I bought Valheim, but ended up renting a Minecraft server and playing that with friends instead.

Jacob: You really missed out, Morgan.Valheim may sound like your standard survival flick, but it uses remarkably simple systems to create a world you want to keep exploring, and one that’s best experienced with a bunch of mates.And the fact that a simple job pinned to a noticeboard can spiral into a wild, unpredictable, hours-long quest makes exploring this vividly realised world rewarding like no other RPG.This is a rare game where almost every sidequest, including the really small ones, is meaningful or interesting in some way.

Fraser: And the combat is, at its worst, still OK.That’s not what I became a Witcher for, anyway.The best parts aren’t the fights; the best parts are the bits before the fights, where you’re investigating oddities and meeting new people and being rude to them between pub crawls.Even more important than all of that, though, is Geralt himself.A stoic, taciturn bloke is hardly a groundbreaking protagonist, but Geralt is so much more than that.He’s a man full of subtle complexities, trying to figure out how to be an adoptive father, a hero for people who hate and fear him, and a slayer of monsters in a world where the monsters are often the good guys.

What’s so impressive is that you can take him in some very different directions and leave the world in a very different place depending on your decisions, but through all that, Geralt is still Geralt.

You’ll get a strong sense of who he is, and every version feels consistent and canon.Lauren: What my colleagues mean to say is: Geralt is very sexy and could batter your dad.Rachel: I am happy to see Minecraft get the epic list bump it deserves.

With the Caves and Cliffs update this year, plus Mojang’s work with RTX, and the number of charities and projects using it as a gaming force for good, it deserves a top 10 spot for sure.Mollie: I punched my first block of dirt nearly 10 years ago, and I’ve been in love with Minecraft ever since.Even if I’m not always playing it, it’s usually the game I return to when I’m going through a bit of a rough patch with the hobby.

Minecraft’s versatility really lends itself to the game’s longevity—even after a decade, no two playthroughs have been the same for me, and I love that.Rich: I don’t really play Minecraft anymore but it’s one of those games that’s still just endlessly fascinating to hear about.The game’s community remains so vibrant and it seems like every week there are amazing new things to see, and developer Mojang continues to judiciously add to it without ever detracting from that core appeal of player expression.

Robin: The sheer number of imitators that have released on Steam in recent years is testament to the lasting brilliance of Slay the Spire.While many have been a great time in their own right, still none have toppled the king.Evan: When you pull off some clever combo say, using the Mummified Hand relic and a series of Power cards to reduce the cost of everything in your hand to 0 , the sensation of cascading effects is as potent as pulling the trigger on some viral TikTok Rube Goldberg machine.

Slay the Spire puts game-breaking power within players’ reach, but in turn, drops exponentially more tough bosses and mini-bosses in your way.Few games match its purity of design.James: Death Stranding feels like some old-timey Metal Gear Solid 2 nonsense at the start, but rapidly evolves into an open world hiking simulation about building an infrastructure co-op with strangers.I’ve given dozens of hours over to the cause, hauling truckfuls of materials to maintain our highways, dozens more to crawling up treacherous mountain peaks through blinding blizzards to create an efficient zipline network.

All of it, shared with other people in their own game worlds for no tangible videogame reward other than knowing I wasn’t the only one to benefit from the hard work.In a capitalist hellworld, it gave me hope, or at least a potent homebrewed chemical signal for coping.Rich: There’s simply nothing like Death Stranding, particularly in the context of the pandemic and how eerily its concept maps onto that, and for all Kojima’s excesses and some frankly honking cutscenes the experience of traversing this world is unforgettable.

Its multiplayer element is so light-touch it’s almost not there but, as James says, becomes a focus and a point of pride.You genuinely feel part of something bigger.I can’t get this wonderful game out of my head, parts of it will stick with you like nothing else.Fraser: It says a lot that a game with obnoxious Monster Energy product placement and a literal advert for a Norman Reedus TV show in the shower is still a great time and full of artistry and thoughtful game design.

Moseying into Valentine to knock back a whisky at the saloon, grabbing a bath or a haircut, trying on some new clothes in the general store, then turning in for the night at the hotel.Phil: I’ve seen a lot of criticism about just how slow Red Dead Redemption 2 is to play—not just in the languid meandering of its story, but in the very essence of how you control Arthur and interact with the world.

Personally, though, that uncompromising vision is exactly why I love it so much.You will not save this world from the inexorable march of progress, but at least you can meander around a vast and absurdly atmospheric landscape as you slowly slip into irrelevance.Big mood, as the kids say.And I’ve kept returning.This is impressive, since Red Dead Online is not very good.

I don’t enjoy any of the activities, and the grind for gold, season passes and all the other live service nonsense just makes Red Dead worse.So why do I keep coming back?

Because it’s bloody gorgeous.Riding up to the crest of a hill, you’re treated to some of the best views in gaming—endless skies and plains and mountains that look better than real.And then there’s the weather, the critters, the way mud and blood clings to you, every single animation—it’s all amazing.Nat: Apex Legends has always been good.

Of the big battle royales, it’s the best one if you just want to pick a good fight.The guns feel great, the characters are all memorable dirtbags with fun abilities, and Respawn figured out just the right amount of Titanfall 2’s movement to carry over into a sprawling battle royale.But last year saw Apex truly come into its own as a confident successor to Respawn’s wallrunner.Olympus is far and away the game’s best and prettiest map to date, though a newly-refurbished World’s Edge comes close.

Arenas are a welcome alternative to battle royale that feels like a more accessible, Apex-flavoured spin on Valorant.And the game’s cast has only gotten better and better with Titanfall throwbacks, Aussie firecrackers, and the long-overdue addition of Scottish people to the Apex roster.Shoutout to Respawn for straight-up adding me to the game, eh?

All of that on top of rounds that always feel like they have the pitch-perfect mix of downtime looting and high-octane firefights.In , Apex Legends isn’t just a good battle royale.

It’s probably the best competitive shooter you can play today.I’ve finally been dragged back in, and I’ve fallen back in love all over again.My favourite change this season is that all the maps are now available on rotation.That gives a genuine sense of variety over the course of an evening, especially given that the most recent World’s Edge rework leaves it in a much better place.

Sure, most games are still swallowed up by Fragment, but at least you know you’re only ever a couple of hours away from a return to Olympus.Fraser: Crusader Kings 3 is simply the best strategy game around.Everything that made its predecessor so great for nearly a decade is here, but better integrated, more refined, and improved by a whole bunch of new systems that make this sequel feel like more than a repeat.

It’s huge and dense, but even after just a few hours with the game you’ll walk away with enough stories to fill a book—like the time you walked into your bedroom and found a courtier having sex with your shoe, or when you “accidentally” lost a child in the woods when you realised they were about to cause a succession crisis.

Thanks bears! More strategy games are thinking about story and narrative, but Crusader Kings still sits on the throne.Chris: There’s really nothing else like it except for Crusader Kings 2.

It’s a grand strategy in a massive world constantly rocked by major events, but my focus is continually drawn back to the tiniest personal dramas like why a court member’s entire family approves of me except for one small child who hates my guts.Why does this kid dislike me so much? What did I ever do to them? Yes, I know there’s a war raging outside and my Spymaster is plotting against me and I’m running out of gold, but that can all wait.I need to solve this vexing mystery first!

Like Fraser said, it’s a guaranteed story generator.There’s always something interesting, bizarre, hilarious, or tragic happening somewhere in your character’s life, whether you succeed or fail or even if you don’t even quite know how to play it yet.Well, one thing leads to another and I end up wasting a day glued to my screen.Usually I’m plotting some grand scheme involving mass intrigue and espionage, but by the time I’m done playing I’ve lost three heirs to disease and been labelled an adulterer by my entire kingdom.

Great game.Lauren A: I’m still not over the stabbing-my-cousin-in-the-face incident during a feast I held as King Malcolm because he insulted me.Standard night out in Central Scotland, really.Fraser: Now that IO Interactive has completed its ambitious world of assassination, you can play Hitman in a single package, giving you a lifetime of elaborate murders to pull off.It feels like an endless vacation where you occasionally top someone.

A trip to a gaudy Dubai skyscraper one day, and then it’s off to an Argentinian winery the next, and each of them is bursting with potential for mischief.Hitman 3 is an exceptional game in its own right—not least because it contains a spot-on Agatha Christie mystery where you get to play the detective—but the real selling point is getting to play the entire trilogy with all of the enhancements.

It’s a great excuse to revisit Sapienza for the hundredth time.Phil: Hitman 3 alone probably wouldn’t be as high on this list.But Hitman 3 as a way to access the entire trilogy—including the ever-expanding selection of escalation contracts and time-limited elusive targets—is essential.

Each game has its own personality.The first is IO rediscovering their aptitude for creating intricate stealth sandboxes, and getting bolder and more experimental as they go.Hitman 2 ups the scale, with some of the largest levels in the series’ history, each packed full of things to try.

Hitman 3 is tighter and more focused, but builds on the previous games for a confident finale full of memorable scenarios.We had two conditions: they had to be released in the U.Whether or not the game was a blast to play is how we decided the order of our beloved NES carts – so don’t be surprised if you see an important or influential title below something we loved to play over and over and over again.

Nintendo had a fairly diverse lineup of sports titles introduced for the NES early on in the system’s life cycle, including 8-bit interpretations of soccer, tennis, volleyball and even downhill slalom skiing.None of those games ended up having the lasting appeal and addictiveness of one of its other contemporaries, though — the first-party Nintendo sports sim known simply as Ice Hockey.This game of skating and slap shots was perfectly balanced, simple fun with just the right touch of planning and strategy to keep things interesting match after match.

You could choose from three different player body types, and outfit your team with any combination of them; fast but weak Skinny Guys, brawny but slow Fat Guys, or well-balanced, middle-ground Normal Guys.Every Ice Hockey player discovered their own perfect combination of men, and then it was on to the ice.The only game that ended up rivaling this excellent design was Konami’s Blades of Steel, but the two were different enough to own and enjoy both which is why you’ll find Blades on this countdown.

I think I’ve got the same fond memory for this one as everyone else does: skinny dude, medium dude, and fat dude.

Do you need anything else? Good stuff.It doesn’t take a master of Mad Gab to discern the phonetically equivalent true title Konami was going for with this one, especially after you realize that the setting is a Soviet stronghold and all of the enemies are Communists.You’ve got to remember the historical time period that the NES was released — it was an age when the Cold War was still a very prominent problem in many American’s minds, and game companies certainly didn’t shy away from the free advertising that the fear-inspiring nightly news and morning papers were instilling in the purchasing public.

Instead, it was a lot easier to take your time and advance through each level slowly, as waves of soldiers spawned from all direction to charge you and kill you dead.Your standard melee attack was a stabbing knife, with distance-attacking firearms available later on, but no matter what your armament, you had to be precise with your placement or cheap death was inevitable.This is the original co-op Splinter Cell minus the stealth part.Two guys with a knife and a suicide complex decide to invade Russia.

The day this one was conquered was when I finally found Game Genie codes, booted up two players and made sure either my brother or I stayed alive to keep the progress on our assault.We won.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was a smash phenomenon in the late s.Naturally, it was only a matter of time before a videogame followed the television show and toys.

Developed by Konami and published by its subsidiary Ultra a ghost publisher created only so that Konami could publish more games per year than Nintendo allowed , TMNT proved to be a fun, challenging game with crisp graphics and compelling gameplay.The great thing about TMNT was its ability to let gamers use all four Ninja Turtles at will, even though it was only a one-player action game.

It also had multiple fields-of-view, from top-down navigation to side-scrolling sequences, the perspectives were mixed up considerably at a time when games were usually from one outlook only.Unfortunately, this game didn’t satisfy everyone.Many gamers wanted a port of Konami’s arcade beat-’em-up of the same name instead, but had to wait until , when a port of the arcade classic came to the NES under the TMNT 2 moniker.

Once again I say “screw you Angry Nintendo Nerd” with this one.Some people just aren’t wired for old school gaming, apparently.

In fact, all the negative feelings around this one almost kept it off the list, but when it comes down to it Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was one of the greats, and a dang good title.It has its quirks, and the water level is insane, but it crams a lot into an NES cart.For as much as I played this one as a kid, it had to make the list.If that was your name in high school, nobody would have ever messed with you.And that’s exactly the plot here — Astyanax is a year-old Greenview High student who just so happens to be named after the figure from Greek mythology and also just happens to be swept away to a distant magical land called Remlia where he’s asked to, of course, save a kidnapped princess.

It’s a familiar premise, but with a pretty unique protagonist — and his weapon is what makes the gameplay a winner.Astyanax is armed with a massive golden axe which has a unique mechanic attached to it — it’s linked to a power meter at the bottom of the screen which depletes and refills after every attack.So, if you just hack away with short, quick slashes each one will be pretty wimpy.

But if you wait for the axe’s power to fully recharge between swings, the individual swipes will pack more impact.The concept added some strategy to the mix, and makes this one fondly remembered to this day along with that unforgettable name.Another home port that differs from the arcade, this one has a cheat code that makes Astyanax invincible except from pits.I love games with invincibility codes — and considering the number of cheap enemies you fought, it was a good idea to leave it on.

Back in the day of the NES, the now-common occurrence of franchise flooding was seldom a problem.And for the most part, franchises that did flood the NES were of a high quality.

In the original Dragon Warrior, the hero was on his own.Fighting enemy parties that never consisted of more than one enemy, the original was about narrow-minded preparedness.Dragon Warrior III continued to open up both the gamer’s party and the enemy parties to more than one per side, creating for the first time in the series a real feeling of strategy.

As a big fan of Final Fantasy’s class system I was one happy little kid when I fired up Dragon Warrior III to discover that it had added a similar job system of its own.

The game also seemed to take forever to play — which made me wonder at the time if it was one of the biggest games ever made.It wasn’t, of course, but it felt that way.Mega Man is one of the few franchises on the NES that made it to four games.The fourth game in the franchise had little to offer fans that was different, other than a new cast of interesting Robot Masters, a new character Eddie and a new ability for Mega Man to exploit charging your arm cannon.

But when something isn’t broken, you shouldn’t attempt to fix it, and Capcom released what was in essence the same experience from the three earlier titles in the series.

And guess what? No one complained.What was most interesting about Mega Man 4 was its ability to tell a deeper story than what was told in the past three iterations in the series.Capcom seemed to remove Mega Man’s classic foil, Dr.Wily, in lieu of a new creator of evil robots, Dr.

But when it’s revealed that Wily is indeed behind Cossack’s deeds, Mega Man is forced to trek through not one end castle, but two, a trend that is kept up in Mega Man 5 and 6 as well.I was lucky enough to rent Mega Man 4 over and over again before buying it later on.Being the first Mega Man game with tangible secrets within, Mega Man 4 got a lot of playtime when I was a youngster.

But the Balloon Adaptor and Wire Adaptor didn’t elude me for long, as useless as they were.A puzzler in the same style as HAL Laboratory’s famous Adventures of Lolo series, Kickle Cubicle put players in the role of a character aptly named Kickle, who is on a quest to liberate his kingdom from the grasp of an icy evil.

The very last project created by Irem for the NES, Kickle Cubicle appeared to be a straight rip-off of the aforementioned Adventures of Lolo, but had gameplay features of its own that made it a unique offering, and one worth anyone’s time interested in the genre.

Kickle Cubicle’s appeal seemed to be centered in its balanced approach.Unlike the Adventures of Lolo series, which was unforgiving in its difficulty, Kickle Cubicle’s difficulty spikes were much more reasonable.Gamers new to this unique genre could easily access the game, but gamers who were veterans of the genre could find enjoyment in the game as well, collecting items in order to reach each subsequent stage.

It’s a shame the character known as Kickle has died with history, as well.We would have like to see more from our little balloon-riding friend.Out of all of the great games on our list, Kickle Cubicle is one of the few titles I never got to experience until I was an adult.

Constantly being outsmarted by the likes of The Adventures of Lolo, Kickle Cubicle proved to be an entertaining, action-packed alternative that was a little friendlier to all of us puzzle-stupid gamers.Little Samson arrived at the tail-end of the NES era, when most gamers had moved on to newer, although not necessarily better, consoles.While it clearly adopted its non-linear level select structure from Mega Man, the similarities end there.In Little Samson you play as one of four different characters: a mouse, a robot, a dragon and a boring ol’ human boy.

Each character has its own powers and limitations, for instance the mouse makes up for its measly health meter with its ability to cling to ceilings and walls.Little Samson is one of the most technically impressive NES titles, featuring eye candy like rotating character sprites and colossal bosses in what was ultimately a futile effort to try and entice bit-smitten gamers back to their NES.

The atypical confluence of high quality and low sales of Little Samson ultimately resulted in it being one of the most sought after cartridges for collectors today.The late, great Little Samson saw extremely weak sales in the US and so it usually comes up short in the Fond Memories department.As someone who has gone through the effort of tracking down this neglected gem of a Game Pak, I can affirm that Little Samson can hold his own with the Belmonts, Mega Men and Master Higgins’ of the era.

Oh Little Samson, we hardly knew ye! Over a decade before the name Tony Hawk first began to become synonymous with skateboarding videogames, Electronic Arts was innovating on the NES with the impressively diverse Skate or Die.Skate or Die brought gamers several different skateboarding events including downhill races, freestyle ramp competitions and a joust match fought in a drained swimming pool.Then, Skate or Die 2 came along and trumped its predecessor in many ways, offering a full storyline adventure in addition to the standalone skating events as well as adding in the “Double Trouble” half pipe, a massive structure that spanned two full game screens and let you pull off highly stylish for the time vert skating tricks.

Skateboarding continues to be a sport explored in new and unique ways in video gaming today, with EA recently revisiting the concept with Skate and Tony Hawk’s series adding the new Ride peripheral, but Skate or Die got it all going.Honestly, that still amazes me, it was so much better than all of those it was nuts.Dumb, I know.One of the major debates among NES aficionados is the sheer amount of ports that appear on the console, and how many of them are inherently sub-par to their arcade counterparts.

One of the counter-examples to this argument is Mario Bros.However, Mario Bros.Why would you buy Mario Bros.Nonetheless, the two games were quite different from one another, sharing their main stars and nothing more.

Old-school arcade gamers have found and will continue to find a lot to love in any iteration of Mario Bros.This isn’t the Super Mario Bros.Oddly, I remember the original Mario Bros.The versus play is simple and even repetitive, but it holds up today.Shotgun, Mario.

I had no qualms with wasting the POW block if I didn’t get my way.You know that random guy named Captain Commando in the Marvel vs.Capcom fighting games? This was his debut — hiding inside a jetpack-equipped flying spacesuit and advancing against the forces of auto-scrolling space invaders out in the darkest reaches of the galaxy.

Section Z was a forced-scrolling shooter made by Capcom, one of that company’s few entries into a genre more closely associated with Konami in the 8-bit era.You made your choice, and advanced to a different next level depending on your selection.It was unique, novel and also pretty confusing.

But mastery of navigation in Section Z was a true badge of honor to hold in the NES age and Captain Commando survived the adventure intact, after all, if he went on to beat up Wolverine and Ryu in the late ’90s and early ’00s.It wasn’t because I was awful at it though I do remember it to be challenging , but because there was almost something exciting about getting to make a choice of where I went next.

The ability to choose your own path had my permanent attention.If the name “Willow” isn’t immediately familiar to you, we suppose you can be forgiven — but you really should get to know it.A pretty solid movie, really.Willow on the NES, then, was notable for having the likeness to both actors, as well as many of the supporting cast from the film — it was a movie tie-in adventure developed by Capcom, and was in many ways that company’s take on Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda formula.Willow begins simply, buts grows in strength and power as he explores dungeons, gains new items and learns powerful magic spells.

It was a solid companion for the early Zelda games, and perhaps a factor in why Capcom was later approached to develop some portable entries in the Zelda series for Nintendo.

I said it then and I’ll say it now.Don’t let the title or the source material fool you — this game will grab you right from the start and won’t let go just like it did me more than 20 years ago.It may be hard to believe, but at one point Zombies were a greatly underrepresented class of brain-dead enemy in videogames.

The protagonist of this peculiar game is the disembodied noggin of a samurai, who packs some serious cranial power.It goes down something like this: an extra-terrestrial force named Darc Seed has zombie-fied the world, oh and there’s some kind of stolen sword involved or something.

You take direct control of the samurai’s giant head in a sort of side-scrolling shooter that’s too deliberately loony not to check out.Zombie Nation pushes the NES graphical capabilities more than any other shooter on the system, with lots of moving enemies, building destruction and a steady stream of pixilated chaos.

Brazenly over-the-top, Zombie Nation is one of the few NES titles that doesn’t take itself seriously.When I first encountered Zombie Nation it was love at first sight: the disembodied head of a samurai destroying buildings with what appears to be vomit? Yes, please! Featuring a half-and-half game design that blends two distinct types of gameplay into one excellent whole, The Guardian Legend is one of the most influential games in the history of the gaming industry.

You play as The Guardian, a female cyborg warrior tasked with preventing Earth’s impending destruction via a collision with a rogue alien world, Naju.The Guardian must thwart the planet’s demise by setting off Naju’s self-destruct sequence before it reaches Earth.Gameplay is balanced between controlling The Guardian in humanoid form during overhead exploration and shooting sequences and faster-paced forced-scrolling shooter sequences where she transforms into a fighter jet and blasts, and among other things, gigantic robotic alien crustacean creatures.

The Guardian Legend’s developers went on to craft several more classic shooters on platforms beyond the NES, and modern game makers like the creators of Sigma Star Saga at WayForward Technologies continue to laud the game for its innovations in genre-blending.

Miryia’s ability to transform into a spaceship and back put Samus Aran to shame.Aside from scoring so many points to break the game, my brother and I enjoy the appearance of Blue Lander — a spaceborne precursor to Kirby and Starfy with his own special jingle.

Although “licensed software” is a term that causes the blood of today’s game reviewers to run cold, in the late s, Disney and Capcom formed a union that inexplicably resulted in a steady series of excellent titles for the NES based on Disney trademarks.Mickey Mousecapade was the first of these, and although it was published by Capcom in the US, it was developed by Hudson and has a different, more primitive feel than the great Disney platformers that succeeded it.

Although you control Mickey, Minnie accompanies you throughout the Mousecapade, which plays out as sort of a puzzle-solving platformer.Navigating your way through the colorful set pieces proves a bit more harrowing than the colorful, kiddie graphics let on, making it the perfect title to impress girls with… if you’re nine, that is.

I didn’t care that it was ugly and it was , the platforming goodness of Mickey Mousecapade was surprisingly addictive.

Though I thought the Genesis release of Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse was ultimately a better game, I found myself going back to play this one more because of how easy it was to get into and how satisfying it was to play.But it belongs on our NES list as well, for the port of Lode Runner was pixel-perfect and provided something that only Excitebike had done prior: a level editor.

Using a sort of glorified stamp tool, you could concoct you own mixture of bricks, ladders, ropes and baddies, then set it to life.It was rudimentary, yes, but it extended Lode Runner’s life indefinitely.The main game is an arcade-like collect-athon with a puzzle-solving aspect.Armed only with a brick-zapping raygun, your only defense in Lode Runner is the ability to bury your opponents alive, thus freeing them of an enticing pile of gold.The beloved NES game is every bit as addictive today as it was plus years ago, which is a testament to the quality of its design.

Although it featured a very simple premise — to collect gold while avoiding enemies — Lode Runner advanced the action-puzzler by adding level deformation to the gameplay mechanics and therefore dynamic solutions to environmental challenges posed.I spent hours tackling puzzles using different methods — to trap enemies or to drop them through flooring.And my older brothers, both casual players, could never get past the first stage.By the time Mega Man 5 was released, many imagined this would be the Blue Bomber’s last foray in the 8-bit world.

Capcom listened to clamoring gamers’ wants and introduced Mega Man’s brother Protoman as a character of consequence.Just like Mega Man 4 pulled a bait-and-switch with Dr.Cossack, Protoman served the same function in Mega Man 5.Clouding Dr.Wily’s actual involvement in the nefarious deeds coursing through the game’s loose story, a Faux Protoman leads Mega Man on for most of the game until — surprise! It appears Dr.Wily is behind the madness yet again.

Mega Man 5 continues the tradition of tight action-platforming which made the series incredibly prolific by the time of its release.As usual, the game introduced eight new Robot Masters to defeat in any order the gamer desired, inheriting defeated boss’ weapons to use on other less-fortunate foes.

When the eight stage select-bound stages were defeated, players entered a more linear part of the game, where both Protoman’s and Dr.Wily’s multi-stage castles had to be completed for the gamer to see any light at the end of the tunnel.I only bought this game several years later, but in the meantime, I got a Mega Man 5 sticker in a box of Apple Jacks, and stuck it to a shelf in my room.

When I visit my mom today, that sticker is still there, reminding me of a time when I couldn’t play every game I wanted to.The first Double Dragon for the NES was a capable and compelling coin-op conversion, but this sequel was superior to that original in many ways, primarily because it kept a core feature of the franchise, co-op play, intact on the home system.

Brawling brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee were once again playable in both single-player mode, but for the first time on the 8-bit Nintendo you and a friend could team up to punch, kick and hair-pull your foes to death simultaneously through an all-new set of side-scrolling beat-’em-up stages.The game also offered the sibling heroes an upgrade to their fighting repertoires, with several impressive new skills like the unforgettable Cyclone Spin Kick, and some iconic new set pieces in which to do battle, like a stage that took place aboard a helicopter in-flight thousands of feet above the ocean.

There really is nothing quite like punching a guy in the gut, jump-kicking him in the face and watching him fall backwards out of a chopper’s open side-door, then imagining his terror as he plummets to a watery death in the waves below.Bye-bye, Abobo.What stuck out most for me about Double Dragon II was how varied the game was.It was much harder than the first game, which I liked, and even though I played through it a couple of times, it didn’t leave me with a “been there, done that” feeling that so many other games did.

Oh, and they advertised this sucker like crazy in comic books at the time no, really.Natsume may be completely stuck in the rut of cranking out nothing but Harvest Moon sequels these days, but back on the NES the developer had some unique and inventive adventures like Abadox, Shadow of the Ninja and this game, Power Blade.

You played as a sunglasses-wearing muscleman equipped with a cybernetic boomerang, blasting his way through alien-invested futuristic environments on his way to restore the compromised integrity of the Master Computer, and your hero looked an awful lot like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This is also one of those games that might not have been given a lot of attention if it weren’t for the influence of the magazine, Nintendo Power, which featured it on the cover of its April issue.You’ll find a few other games that got thrust into the limelight the same way on this countdown, like VICE: Project Doom.We’re glad it did, because it’s still a blast to power up our blades today.

Haha, the box art to this game was awful just a guy that looks like Iceman from Top Gun with enormous sunglasses.It was sort of like Mega Man meets Strider, which I thought was spectacular for the time.

Out of all of the games on the list, Journey to Silius might have one of the most interesting histories.Created by Sunsoft, which was at the top of its game in the late s with classic release after classic release, Journey to Silius was originally supposed to be a licensed Terminator game.

Evidence of this is all over the place, from the enemies to some of the music.But when Sunsoft had the license stripped at the last minute, it made due with what it had, and with limited editing, Journey to Silius was released.

Thankfully, Sunsoft didn’t throw this game into the dumpster after losing the Terminator license, because Journey to Silius is one of those seldom-played but everyone-should-play-it NES gems.Its fast-paced 2D action style made it a game preferred by those with quick reflexes, and its arsenal of weaponry, which can be chosen from a Mega Man-like menu, gave the gameplay variety, with certain weapons working best against certain enemies and bosses.

Journey to Silius wasn’t experienced by many gamers in its time, but it has more than earned its place on our Top for its smooth gameplay alone.Fond memories for this one really only go a year or so back.I never got into Journey to Silius as a kid my brother may have rented it once? The care gameplay is right on, the visuals aren’t bad at all, and it stinks of Mega Man inspired robot blasting.

Sweet game.Demon Sword is a ninja action game that plays out at a break-neck speed compared to some of its contemporaries cough — Kung-Fu — cough.Demon Sword’s ninja is surprisingly agile, with the ability to hop to tree tops in matter of seconds.While not nearly as deep or polished as Ninja Gaiden, as you progress you can amass new skills, weapons and powers befitting of a ninja.

Although prominently featuring traditional Japanese settings and mythology, Demon Sword seems to have suffered from a poor North American localization, as evidenced by the goofy box art featuring a naked blonde guy glaring at his sword.But all the bare-chested barbarians in the world couldn’t hide the fact that, in the game, our hero is sporting a flamboyant red kimono.

Yeah, it looks like a dress, but it really frees up his arm for easy decapitations.I was one of those poor saps that actually enjoyed a similar and ultimately less impressive game, Legend of Kage, so I took to this game immediately.

To this day I still vividly remember the cutscenes that showed my sword becoming more powerful.Many gamers of today’s generation know Popo and Nana best for their recurring role in the Super Smash Bros.

But one has to travel back to the fall of to find the origin of these two arctic explorers, who first appeared in one of the launch titles on the NES, Ice Climber.The Ice Climbers, as the two starring characters are popularly known, are relentless lovers of the alpine trek, and they’ll stop at nothing to climb mountain after mountain just to reach its apex, where untold valuable items can be found.

As the name of the game suggests, the idea of Ice Climber is to climb, climb, climb.Popo and Nana are equipped with mallets to fend off enemies on any given mountain they’re climbing, but it’s usually hazards of a different variety that stymie the advance of even the most ardent of Ice Climber players.

Fast moving platforms, icy terrain and blocks that couldn’t be broken by your mallet ruled the day, and Ice Climber got excruciatingly hard in the latter stages.Ice Climber’s biggest claim to fame for its time, however, was the ability for two players to play the game simultaneously.

I always thought Ice Climber was just another way to repackage Mario Bros.But in reality, the games were different enough, and Ice Climber so much better to me when I finally played it, that I felt silly for ever thinking that.While it’s undeniable that Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! This game allowed two players to face off against one another in the squared circle, move freely around the ring, throw a variety of punches and even get into grapples, all things you wouldn’t find in Little Mac’s game.

Some of Ring King’s lasting popularity is for reasons a bit more dubious, though, in that it’s one of the most laughed-at games on the 8-bit Nintendo because of some unintentionally suggestive visuals.

The grappling animation between the two fighters makes it look like they’re just hugging each other, and the boxers’ interaction with their cornermen between rounds is even more, well, provocative.The inability of the NES to more accurately render detailed animations continues to be one of the system’s greatest charms, though, so it’s no real negative against the game, just a chuckle-worthy aside that might leave you just a bit embarrassed today.

My best memories of Ring King are the epic fights I had on the higher difficulty levels.I’m a lifelong boxing fan, so being able to “sim” matches this early was something of a breakthrough for me.These days, though, I can’t help but chuckle at the highly suggestive between-round power-ups.Go find a movie of it if you don’t believe me — it’s amazing.A game no one bought, but everyone had.Duck Hunt is the game that immortalized forever Nintendo’s light gun called the Zapper, and was certainly the game that used the underused peripheral more than any other.

But it was this release combined with Super Mario Bros.Sure, Duck Hunt’s gameplay was as simple as pointing-and-shooting, and one could easily cheat by standing an inch from the television.Unfortunately, virtually all televisions today render the game unplayable, so a new generation of gamer has yet to be exposed to the wonder of duck hunting and skeet shooting.Perhaps the most interesting tidbit of all about Duck Hunt, however, was the stand-alone product’s incredibly small size.

The entire game fit on an infinitesimally small cartridge sized at kilobits.Even as a young’un, I felt some injustice every time a guest brought the Zapper up against the television’s bubble screen.You can’t do that! Though the dog, mocking me with laughter, encouraged delinquency.

I’ll show you, dog It’s effectively a full Battletoads follow up with our boys Billy and Jimmy Lee along for the ride.The Double Dragon characters are capable of kicking butt to be sure, but the unique brawling, racing and, yes, spelunking action that Rash, Pimple, and Zits introduced in their first outing is the main attraction in this crossover.

Although it is fun to pummel some of Double Dragon’s most notorious thugs, Battletoads fan will probably be the most satisfied with this cartoonish, goofy beat ’em up.

And since everybody seems to be teaming up, you may as well take on the combined forces of the Dark Queen and Shadow Warriors with a pal — the game’s difficulty seems to indicate that it’s built for two.

The original Battletoads was definitely awesome, but I seemed to favor the design that paired up those TMNT-ripoff characters with the classic brawler characters.This game was much tighter in control and actually gave a better sense of accomplishment to the player.While the first game was an arcade platformer directly inspired by the movie, The Goonies II did its own thing.Hampered somewhat by obtuse point-and-click adventure elements reminiscent of Shadowgate that threw many people off, The Goonies II still offered a sprawling mansion and its subterranean environs to explore via traditional platforming.

With the 8-bit rendition of the Cyndi Lauper theme from the movie blaring, lead Goony Mikey sets out to rescue the remaining kids, and, for some reason, a Mermaid, from the Fratelli family.It’s all a bit confusing, but with little perseverance and a lot of hitting walls with your hammer you’ll discover a unique hybrid adventure game worthy of the Goonies license.

We’re still eagerly awaiting a Goonies III.Goonies never say die! In the late s Goonies mania was in full swing, which helps explain the countless after school sessions I spent with this perplexing Konami cash-in.It wasn’t until a decade or two later that I finally understood that a poor localization was responsible for the game’s extreme weirdness.Who knew The Goonies were big in Japan? After releasing several games for the Atari and other computer-based consoles, famed Pitfall!

What at first appeared to be an awkward platformer quickly revealed itself to be a true test of gaming mettle.The nameless Boy and his pet Blob would overcome obstacles, defeat enemies and progress through the game by way of using special Jellybeans that would allow the Blob to become different objects and perform different feats.Feeding the Blob flavored jellybeans from apple to vanilla caused the Blob to transform into everything from a car jack to an umbrella.

The Boy was virtually helpless without his Blob and his stash of flavored Jellybeans, making this title an interesting mix of action-adventure and puzzle gameplay.

Because I was the kind of nerd that kept track of developer names, when I saw that the creator of Pitfall was behind Boy and His Blob, I was sold.

Feeding jellybeans to Blobert to transform it into different items and it was fun just to experiment with, such as making a blow torch with a cinnamon bean and a rocket with a root beer bean.In , there was nothing cooler than sitting in the cockpit of Spy Hunter at your local arcade to cruise the streets with the Peter Gunn theme blaring in your ears.Nevertheless, it was still pretty cool when the NES finally made it possible to hunt spies in the comfort of your own home.

As expected, Spy Hunter still stood out as one of the NES’s greatest driving games even though it had aged a bit.While maintaining breakneck speed, your suave, Bond-inspired spymobile is beset on all sides by reckless limousines, bullet-proof coups and even a helicopter dead set on chipping your pristine paint job.

Using awesome spy tools — hood mounted machine guns, oil slicks, smoke screens — you could take on each enemy in style.And here’s the kicker — the pit stop comes to you! Navigate up the ramp of a moving semi and you’ll instantly up your arsenal.And did we mention your car can transform into a boat? Yeah, it can do that too.The car is called the G It is possibly the most awesome car ever made aside from the “Metal Attacker” in Blaster Master.

It was even more awesome when you drive far enough to reach the boathouse and change into the speedboat.An arcade-inspired action run and gun starring sweaty shirtless men charging through tropical jungles and blasting everything in sight with an overhead, birds-eye perspective, Ikari Warriors was the definitive videogaming outlet for bottled-up aggression.

This game was macho, manly destructive fun with its simultaneous two-player action, but also ended up playing an important historic role in the industry — it put SNK on the map.The company got its start with Ikari as its first major hit, and the success of this game fueled the studio to go on and ultimately create classic fighting franchises such as Fatal Fury and King of Fighters on the Neo-Geo, as well as the timeless Metal Slug series.

The heroes of Ikari Warriors, Ralf and Clark, even went on to cameo in several of those later games, you can play as them in several King of Fighters sequels, as well as the most recent Metal Slug installments.Not too bad for a couple of sweaty, shirtless Rambo clones.This was a defining day for my brother and I, though I’m sure neither of us knew it then.When Ikari Warriors came out I went berserk for it, and having no income of my own I had to beg my brother Matt 12 years older than me to go out and rent it, which he denied time and time again.

We’d head to Mr.Movies in Minnesota, I’d see the box art, freak out, and he’d pick up something else.Finally we rented it, played co-op, and dominated the game, even leaving the NES on overnight during the dreaded “Everyone looks like player 1 and 2” level.I was totally paranoid that I’d come back from school or day care or whatever and the game would be turned off.Fast forward another 15 years or so and I spend my nights playing Call of Duty 4 while he frequents games like BlazBlue.

I guess some things never change, eh Ikari Warriors? Following the success of DuckTales, the iconic Disney chipmunks Chip ‘n Dale received an action-packed, after school cartoon series in the late ’80s.Unlike DuckTales, however, Rescue Rangers is basically linear.

With little emphasis on the scaled-up world of the titular chipmunks, many of the things lying around the inflated settings could be picked up and used as projectiles on exploration.Rescue Rangers also ratcheted the difficulty down quite a bit, making it a good experience to share with a less-skilled partner.

Despite their popularity, cooperative games were rarity on the NES and hey, when was the last time you got to spend some quality time with your little sister? Above all else, what surprised me most about Rescue Rangers is that it was so fun to play.I couldn’t stand the cartoon I was a DuckTales sort of guy , but to my surprise the game was an addictive platforming masterpiece.

Discovering each new level was a joy.Legendary Wings may have the distinct honor of being the weirdest result of Capcom’s efforts to diversify shooters in the s.Set in an ancient Greece-inspired future mind blown yet? If you can get past the partially naked winged dudes, Legendary Wings offers some other treats as well.For instance, a giant mouth spouts out vortexes that suck you into a side-scrolling stage with a creepy worm mini-boss.

If you fully power up your weapons you turn into a flaming, butt-kicking phoenix.Although originally an arcade game, the NES port of Legendary Wings is especially welcome on the NES due to its cooperative mode, which allows you to experience the weirdness with a pal.Carry on about how this game just isn’t as good as the arcades I do , but the truth is NES had some killer shooters, and this was one that I went back to over and over again.

It had two player support — so even when my feeble, under-developed child hands couldn’t hack it my bro could step up and dominate — and the addition of not only top view but also side scrolling portions sent my infant-like brain into convulsions.What a glorious game, from the overall design down to the visuals and music.

When I wasn’t burning my eyes in playing 3D Rad Racer on my brother’s water bed I was wasting my life away with this shooter.Now you can see why I’m so messed up….The NES had a handful of memorable wrestling sims, including Nintendo’s own Pro Wrestling and WWF WrestleMania, the first wrestling game to ever license the use of real world performers, but from a gameplay standpoint, none of them ever trumped Tecmo World Wrestling.

This grappler was unmatched in its diversity of moves and over-the-top personality, and remains today a favorite of thousands of fans across the world.Tecmo World Wrestling’s main gameplay screen split the action, with the core wrestling taking place on the top half on the screen while the television’s lower portion was dominated by the text bubbles of an overly enthusiastic ringside announcer calling all the play-by-play.You worked your opponent into submission, going for the pin, and victory gave you the chance to take on tougher challengers, but not before training your chosen warrior to be stronger with interstitial mini-games.

It’s still a blast to this day and Tecmo should bring it back.How could I forget the cutscenes? Watching elaborate slams and suplexes in the glorious 8-bit cinematics captured my imagination immediately.I also loved the take-offs of popular wrestlers that Tecmo had going on here.By , Capcom was churning out quality 2D platformers at frightening rate, making it entirely possible for the gamers of yesteryear to have missed this strangely licensed gem.

Little Nemo, an American comic strip, had received the anime treatment in Japan at the time and thus the game was created, but the license was no doubt long forgotten by American audiences when Nemo came stateside.In the game, our pajama clad mascot navigates the often psychedelic Slumberland with the help of wild animals.Gorillas, lizards, frogs and other feral friends can be temporarily tamed when Nemo feeds them candy do not try this at home , at which points he saddles them up Yoshi-style, allowing him to reach new areas.

But Slumberland is an unexpectedly dangerous place, and the game’s advanced difficulty level no doubt took some unsuspecting youngsters by surprise.Little Nemo’s cover art of a tyke in his pajamas most likely resulted in it finding its way into the hands of many a NES gamer’s little sister, which is where probably where I first chanced upon it I had a strict “no girly games” policy when I was This kiddie Capcom platformer gave Mega Man a run for his money, though, and while I’m still not sure who this Nemo dude is, I had a great time pelting animals with candy all the same.

Qix is one of the finest examples of the NES’s prowess at emulating arcade classics.Although the NES had trouble tackling some of its arcade contemporaries, games like ‘s Qix were a perfect match for its capabilities.While Qix was never lauded for its graphical flair, the NES got not only the look but the mechanics of this strange geometric puzzler down perfectly.In Qix, the titular entity bounds randomly about the playing field while the player attempts to gain ground by drawing boundaries with a stylus of sorts.

Complete a shape and the area is yours.If the Qix interrupts your line mid-stroke, you are destroyed.There is an art to snagging territory, and players eventually must learn how to manipulate the irrepressible Qix itself.Qix for NES is the definitive home version due to its spot-on emulation and availability, although it was also resurrected on various PC platforms and Nintendo even published a GameBoy version featuring characters from the Mario pantheon.

In it, there’s a Qix-inspired mini-game, and in that instant, I remembered how much fun I had with the NES port during my childhood.

Crazy how that happens, no? Pro-Am, and cast players as the captains of a high-speed, heavily-armored attack ship cutting through tropical waters to take on sharks, rival watercrafts and giant sea serpents.The Cobra Triangle gunship was a versatile vessel, and the power-ups it could obtain were what made this one a blast to play.You could upgrade its engine, increase the rate of fire of its bullets, increase the number of its bullets, give it the power to fire secondary missiles and even wrap it in a force field.

It’s like someone took the Gradius series’ Vic Viper and transformed it from a spaceship into a jet ski.Totally killer! I played this game for the first time on a vacation to Wisconsin that was back when most kids had three NES games total, and liked it , and dug the game so much I had to own it.In fact, I’m not sure I ever bought it, so if anyone ever sees Andy Folkers can you tell him I still have his copy of one of the best NES games of all time?

Crap… I should really get this awesome gem of a game back to him.Although it’s actually the second entry in the predominately Japanese TwinBee series, the re-branded Stinger was the only entry that saw release on the North American NES.A uniquely saccharine shooter, Stinger pits two quite capable, but very pastel space cruisers against some deceptively cute enemy forces.An irate watermelon spits seed at you at the end of one level, while a very angry water faucet lurks at the conclusion of another.

Things just get weirder from there, with household appliances eventually standing between you and whatever your adorable goal may be.You can collect power-ups by “juggling” bells on heart-shaped beams of pure love, thus altering their colors and endowing you with different abilities.

The entire game can be played with a wingman, but make sure whoever it is can appreciate a heaping dollop of cuteness, served Japanese-style with extra “cute” on the side.Vague memories of a strange, somewhat girly shooter plagued me as I restocked my NES collection a few years back.I happily rediscovered Stinger despite its unfortunate title and packaging A space ship with boxing gloves? As I played it for the first time in two decades, I recalled many afternoons spent with the cutesy Twinbee fighters.

Now if I could only figure out what that tank game with huge bosses was….Sure it was the sequel to an awesome medieval platformer, but we’re pretty sure it was Fabio’s bare-breasted likeness smoldering on IronSword’s cover art that made this game a smash hit with kids and moms alike.

The sequel features the same great stuff as the first: catchy, mead-swilling tunes; stylized fantasy graphics; and the peculiar use of “ye olde Engrish.The game places a greater emphasis on exploration than the first, and can get a bit confusing, but if you hop around enough you can find your way through the game fairly easily.Although I initially displayed the poster of IronSword’s cover art that shipped with the game on my wall, Fabio’s polished pectorals quickly became a discomforting presence in my bedroom.

Nevertheless, I spent many hours with this awesome sequel — in the game, the cover model was substituted with a protagonist tastefully clad to the nines in iron plating.Early adopters who made the next-gen leap without looking back missed an incredible game design.

Gargoyle’s Quest II was the sequel to the Game Boy original Gargoyle’s Quest, a game that was itself a spin-off of Capcom’s Ghosts ‘n Goblins starring that series’ infamous flying red demon as its hero.This NES follow-up refined and focused what started on the portable platform, offering a polished action experience married with overhead map and town exploration ripped right out of the best RPGs of the age.You could jump, cling to walls, spew fireballs and hover with your demon wings in action stages and then chat it up with the denizens of the Demon Realm, earn upgrades and items and more.

A great, overlooked game that deserves more recognition today than it got back in What an unsung classic this, and the Game Boy version, is.This is another one that really paved the way for others too.Demon’s Crest, perhaps one of the biggest under-selling games of all time compared to its quality, wouldn’t have been possible without cutting its teeth on the NES and classic Game Boy.

Amazingly enough, this game still holds up too.Kung Fu is an enigma.A dumbed-down port of a superior arcade title by Irem, Kung Fu holds accolades simply for being one of the first third-party games released on the NES.Aside from its special place in history, however, Kung Fu is also a rewarding example of early “beat-’em-up” videogames in all of its 2D glory.Made up of only five stages and a few types of enemies, a skilled gamer can get through Kung Fu in its entirety in less than ten minutes.

What makes the game so special, then? Apart from its fun gameplay and difficult boss battles, Kung Fu had inherent replay value simply because the game started over once you beat it with a higher difficulty level.This made it a prime game for high score hunting, with certain parts of the experience that were of the make and break variety.

Could you get past the bee-throwing enemy on stage four without losing a life? It was integral if you wanted a high score.And who could forget Mr.X’s maniacal laughter each time he defeated Thomas, keeping his kidnapped girlfriend for his own.Who ever thought I could be addicted to such a simple, repetitive game? We could only afford a new game every few months growing up, and when we were stuck with a game like Kung Fu, you might think we were disappointed.

It wasn’t so.Kung Fu proved how good even the most simple games can be, and it’s still a title I go back and play often to this day.But back on the NES, there was no besting LucasArts’ Maniac Mansion for deep, involved and genuinely funny pointing and clicking action.Though a bit cumbersome to control with just an NES D-Pad and menu bar of potential actions to take, this tale of seven diverse high school kids exploring a kooky manor populated with wacky, blue-skinned mad scientists and alien tentacles was nevertheless addictive, thanks in large part to the great variety of ways to win.

You could take several different paths through the house, discover tons of interactions between characters and objects, and replay the game again and again with a completely different trio of the seven potential playable characters each with unique skill-sets and abilities.

Let’s be honest — if you are going to play Maniac Mansion, you really should try the uncensored Commodore 64 version.Nintendo was pretty heavy handed about content on the NES, so some of the ribald stuff in MM was yanked.But even without it, Maniac Mansion was still an excellent adventure game with a good sense of humor.

Super C, the somewhat unfortunately-titled sequel to Contra, features the same co-op shooter action of the first without toying with the formula too much.If you are wondering, that formula is one part Aliens, two parts First Blood, and perhaps a dash of Predator to keep things exotic.A port of a graphically superior arcade version, Konami gave Super C lots of love to help it make a successful transition, including the addition of several unique levels.

The pseudo-3D levels that broke up the side-scrolling action in Contra are replaced with vertical-scrolling levels, but the graphical style, gameplay and even the guns all remain identical to the original.Super C, like Contra, is a nearly perfect cooperative experience, and is best enjoyed with a buddy to high five as the iconic level finish tune plays.

All I remember is the Konami Code only worked once on this game and it gave players 10 lives instead of 30 per continue and — worse of all — it only worked once.A complete reworking of an inferior arcade brawler of the same name, Rygar for the NES tells the heroic story of a man and his deadly yo-yo shield.

Unlike its source, the NES version is an exploration-focused game with both side-scrolling platforming levels connected by a top down overworld-like area.Having more in common with Metroid or The Legend of Zelda than NES era brawlers, Rygar must find equipment upgrades — a grappling hook, pulley, crossbow etc.Strangely, though epic in scale, Rygar doesn’t feature a way to save or even a password system, so make sure your NES is hooked up to a good power source before embarking on your quest.

Kratos’ Blades of Athena are simply an upgrade of Rygar’s one and only Diskarmor! The top-loading NES replaced the classic system, the Super Nintendo was over two years old, and the bit battle was waging all around it in full force.Capcom considered the NES obsolete at this point and refused to publish the game in the United States.That’s where Nintendo stepped in and published the game itself for a spring release.Mega Man 6 is considered by many to be the last worthwhile NES release in the catalog, and though that’s not saying much when looking at the title’s contemporaries, Mega Man 6 is still as good as it gets in many respects.

The new Rush Adaptors combined Mega Man with his robotic dog into one unit for the first time, and yes, Dr.Wily is again behind the robotic destruction coursing through the game, this time masquerading as the ill-disguised Mr.

When the game dropped, I was on a weird banana oatmeal kick, and I would make a batch every few hours as I played the game over and over again.I still equate the smell of bananas to Mega Man 6 to this day.Weird, right? One of the NES’s premier racing games may have a peculiar title, but we pose this question: would a racer by any other name be quite as rad?

Admittedly, the exhilaration of burning past the beach-going VW beetles in your red Ferrari the F1 was significantly less radical is indeed worthy of such high self praise.

Nonetheless, the game remains an iconic entry in the NES catalog due to its simple race-or-die gameplay.And if racing in two dimensions isn’t your cup of tea, grab your Power Glove, pop on a pair of 3D glasses, and experience Rad Racer in red and blue stereoscopic bliss.Note: the Power Glove will not enhance gameplay, but you’ll look pretty darn rad, we promise.I can remember looking at the Rad Racer flap at Toys R Us remember the old system of flaps and slips?

That was enough for me.Thankfully, Rad Racer turned out to be a great racing game that was my second-favorite racer of the generation, right after OutRun on the Master System.In it, our metal-clad protagonist, Kuros, sets out on a quest to save not one, but several distressed damsels and we’re not talking about some ugly dude in mushroom regalia.Along the way you’ll explore — via many, many knightly leaps — lofty treetops, labyrinthine caverns and an unexpectedly tall castle tower.

In a cool adventure gaming twist, you’ll need to meet a certain booty diamonds, not damsels quota before being able to exit each area, but don’t expect a sign reading “Here Be Treasure.Along the way you’ll score various weapon upgrades, although Kuros’s trademark duds never change.

This makes it all the more mysterious that he appears as a strapping naked dude on the cover, but hey, those were different times.Happily, this fine action platformer broke with the stereotypical dungeon crawlers, allowing you to hop around, bashing enemies with your Wand of Whatever without a single roll of multisided dice, virtual or otherwise.

The NES had its fair share of unique puzzle games, and Adventures of Lolo 3 might take the cake as the genre’s quintessential title on the console.

While two Lolo games preceded the release of the series’ third iteration in the States, the game known by fans as Lolo 3 is most fans’ favorite.What’s more, it was a fledgling HAL Laboratory that created the series, a company more popularly-known today for the Lolo-like character Kirby.

In premise, the Lolo games were as simple as can be.A stagnant, square-shaped screen presented the player’s blobbish character with a puzzle.

To proceed to the next level, a treasure chest must be opened, but that chest is only unlocked when all heart icons on the screen are acquired.And that’s where Lolo’s difficult gameplay comes in, because it’s getting those icons that are the true feat.

You have to deal with enemies galore and traps aplenty; the game even gave the player the option to kill his or her character off by pressing the Select button if they found themselves trapped or unable to proceed, a true testament to Lolo 3’s deep and difficult gameplay built on a deceivingly-childlike facade.All of the Adventures of Lolo games were great, but the third chapter has the best puzzles of the whole series — and almost the most difficult.

As much as I enjoyed, I honestly don’t believe I ever beat it.

Every Devil Fruit In Blox Fruits

Elemental Grind Game GODMODE/EXP FARM/SPIN FARM/AUTOSPIN.This is really awesome.Creator put lots of time into this so enjoy.The #1 website for finding the safest and best scripts to use for Roblox.We have proudly been distrubuting scripts for almost 2 years.Elemental Grind Game GUI | Auto Farm, Spin Farm, God

How to use:

  1. The Umikaze has gotten a reputation for being one such cherry tapper; nothing is more humiliating than seeing your Tier X battleship get torpedoed by a Tier II destroyer.
  2. It won’t fire its Warpedos when you’re that close, and its arm cannons literally cannot hit a target right in front of its face.
  3. They can hit literally as fast as you can mash the attack key with the exception of the Blue Knuckle, which is kind of crap and have an insane crit chance, offsetting their very short range.
  4. It has become an accomplishment to deliver your final strike with a simple Punch, both because it has the lowest hit chance and only does 1 damage, and the image of socking someone so hard that their head explodes is frickin’ awesome.
  5. Mickey Mousecapade was the first of these, and although it was published by Capcom in the US, it was developed by Hudson and has a different, more primitive feel than the great Disney platformers that succeeded it.
Roblox Elemental Grind Game – Time showcase, time: 2:13

Cherry Tapping

Instead of a game that relied on epic, blind exploration and top-down dungeon-crawling action, Zelda II introduced a completely new idea for the series, and one that hasn’t been revisited since.

Ready macros and scripts for «Roblox» – properties

  • It’s also one of the finest Half-Life games too, and damn, is it ever creepy.
  • Evan: As you said, the lineage system adds a layer of passive storytelling that I didn’t know I wanted in a 4X.
  • The first part of Blox Fruits Update 17 introduced the Soul Fruit as the game’s first new fruit since the Shadow Fruit added in the previous update.
  • It’s too bad, because Original Sin 2 seemed like a great foundation for modders.
  • Rachel: I just can’t get enough of Stardew Valley, especially when someone like ConcernedApe is behind it.
  • Minecraft Dungeons : If you unequip your melee weapon, your character is forced to attack enemies by punching them, which deals only 1 HP of damage per hit.
  • Sarah: I’ll always love World of Warcraft but I’ve struggled with motivation to log in since the launch of Shadowlands.
  • Macro mode Parkour get VKB wallclimber 1.

Game Examples:

: Even though Dragon Warrior IV approached the act of storytelling in a unique way, most of Dragon Warrior’s gameplay conventions remained unchanged.

Although prominently featuring traditional Japanese settings and mythology, Demon Sword seems to have suffered from a poor North American localization, as evidenced by the goofy box art featuring a naked blonde guy glaring at his sword.Tiz’s design was designed not to convey a strong personality, as he in part represented the player.

  • The Scout has The Sandman, a bat that has the unique ability to hit baseballs at the enemy.
  • It’s a fantasy adventure that manages to combine procedural stories spun from character-driven traits with procedurally generated events, the end result being a game with enough anecdotes you could write a book.
  • Game and Watch’s Judgement Hammer can easily be this, as it rolls a d10 to determine its attack power.
  • Taito’s iconic dragon duo’s first outing is also their best.
  • However, it still gives them enough momentum that if they collide with the underside of the stage, they’ll most likely get KO’d by it.

Our Fondest Memories

99.Hearthstone.A simple spell allows you to make a small shield around and protect yourself 1 t.Bravely Default was first announced in September under its original Japanese title as part of Nintendo’s lineup for the 3DS, alongside titles such as Monster Hunter 4 and Fire Emblem Awakening.

How to auto grind in Elemental Grind GAME, time: 4:38
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